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Z-Axis’s ARC BDSTM (A Reinforced Concrete Beam Detailing Software)



Want R.C.C Beam Detail Drawings
that are



  • Have High Quality R.C Beam Layout and Beam Longitudinal Section drawings
  • Automatically put them in Multiple Sheets of Paper Space in AutoCAD
  • Provide Accurate BOQ Of Steel of All the Beams
  • Provide Acurate Conctete Volume of Beams
  • Provide Accurate Shuttering Area of Beams


Want to get all the above

by extracting data from STAAD Anl file ?

Then Z-Axis's ARC BDSTM

is THE Solution for your requirments


It takes 2 min to generate any one of these layouts by Z-Axis’s ARC BDSTM Std

(of these sizes or even much larger size it takes more or less the same time when data is extracted from STAAD ANL File)

These are real time jobs (the Analysis files given by our Esteemed Customers)

Un Edited Layouts as Generated by Z-Axis’s ARC BDSTM Std by Extracting the data from STAAD ANL file,
program takes care of Member Offsects, beta angle given in STAAD file.

for most of the generated layouts 80 % of the work is Done by the program, balance work is to edit the clashes and add additional details if required.

(as you can see if a circular beam is given in STAAD, (a single beam is split as multiple beams) the program still generates the layout and its LS drawings)

The program generates AutoCAD script files, which are mostly AutoCAD version independent.

It Takes less than 5 min generate the Longitidunal Sections below

(4 min to give Reinforcement data + 1 min to generate drawing)

The above Longitidunal Sections are unedited drawing as generated by Z-Axis’s ARC BDSTM Std the user gives only the Reinforcement in an XLS sheet, (the Reinforcement from STAAD is extracted and user can edit that data if required) everything else is generated automatically.

The Steel Qty, Concrete Volume and Shuttering Area is also calculated for the entire floor by the program.



The above Image is that of Auto arranged Beams in Paper space of AutoCAD Layout, as you can see all you need to do is insert your title Block and print, as of now we support A1 & A2 Size Sheets





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